P90 submachine gun with integrated laser target designator

The FN HERSTAL P90 submachine gun can be supplied with an integrated laser on request. This laser is fully integrated into the receiver without modifying the the weapon's outer shape, balance and ergonomics. The customer can choose either a visible "red dot" laser or an infra-red laser for use in conjunction with night vision equipment.

P90 LV (with visible laser)

In low light conditions and indoors the laser designator, when activated by a pressure switch, projects a highly visible red dot onto the target. The laser designator can be zeroed so that rounds hit exactly at the point indicated by the laser. This enables the user to aim accurately without shouldering the weapon; he or she can fire from the waist, the chest or with the weapon held away from the body. The laser designator allows very rapid target acquisition, especially at close range and/or in low light. The laser dot also has a theoretically disuasive effect on the enemy who can see that a weapon is precisely aimed at them.

The laser system has an adjustment switch which allows the user to select one of the laser's three settings:

  • off to avoid accidental activation
  • low intensity for extend battery life or increased eye safety during training
  • hight intensity for maximum combat visibility

The visible laser designator allows the user to practice rapid target acquisition and instinctive shooting without firing, as the dot indicates the point of impact.

P90 LIR (with infra red laser)

The infra red wavelength laser designator projects a dot onto the target that is not visible to the naked eye. The user - and the target - must have night vision equipment to see the dot. This type of designator is designed for night use and for operations where maximum discretion is required (anti-terrorist, hostage rescue, covert operations).

Weight: P90 2.70 kg (5.95 lbs.)
Weight: P90L 2.83 kg (6.23 lbs.)
Laser Power
Training mode
0.95 mW
Laser Power
Combat mode (visible)
8 mW
Laser Power:
Combat mode (infra red)
4.5 mW
Dot Size 60mm at 100m
Battery Type Lithium SAFT LSH 14
Battery Life
Training mode
250 hours
Battery Life
Combat mode
50 hours
Activation Pressure switch on pistol grip
Settings Off/Training/Combat
Adjustments Fully adjustable for elevation and azimuth

information courtesy of FN HERSTAL