HK M3 Super 90

The M3 Super 90 shotgun combines the unique features of the semi-automatic Benelli M1 shotgun with the added flexibility of a manual (pump) action. The M3 can be quickly converted from autoloading to pump action by simply turning a spring-loaded ring located at the end of the forearm. It functions with all standard loads in the "auto" mode, as well as with gas grenades, flares and nonlethal ammunition on the "pump" mode. Like all Super 90 series shotguns, the M3 is designed to operate under the most adverse conditions.

M3 Folding Stock Super 90 Technical Specifications
Caliber 12 gauge
Magazine Capacity 7 shells
Sight Radius 11.75 inches (298.5mm)
Weight: with empty
7.6 pounds (3.45 kg)
Barrel length 19.75 inches (501.65mm)
Overall length 41 inches (1,041.4mm)
31 inches (787.4mm) with stock folded
Width 2.25 inches (57.15mm)
Height 7.25 inches (184.15mm)

Information courtesy of Heckler and Koch