HK P7 pistols can be drawn, cocked, and fired accurately faster than any other pistol. The unique HK cocking lever allows the P7 to be carried safely with a round in the chamber, yet it is ready to fire by the natural tightening of the fingers around the grip. Releasing the cocking lever decocks the P7 immediately and renders it completely safe.

P7 pistols have a constant, uniform trigger pull for all rounds fired. There is no heavy first-shot trigger pull like that found on a conventional double-action pistol. There is no change in trigger pull between critical first and second shots. A simple three-dot sighting system makes aiming almost instinctive. And all P7 pistols are completely ambidextrous.

To ensure accuracy, P7 pistols use a fixed, polygonal barrel made by cold hammer forging. Polygonal rifling seals propellant gases behind the bullet and increases barrel life. With its fluted chamber, the P7 will extract and eject an empty shell even if the extractor is missing. The extractor, which doubles as a loaded chamber indicator, only aids in making extraction smooth and uniform.

The P7 gas system retards the movement of the recoiling slide during firing and eliminates the need for a conventional locking mechanism or heavy slide. A low profile slide contributes to the balanced center of gravity and overall compact size of the P7. Made of high grade steel, the low profile slide keeps the recoiling mass as small as possible. Combined with the optimal grip angle of 110°, the result is an accurate, low recoil pistol suited to the operational requirements of demanding users.

Using the potent .40 Smith & Wesson cartridge, the P7M10 was developed especially for law enforcement and civilian shooters searching for an effective combat handgun that fires a more powerful type of ammunition. The .40 S&W round matches the ballistics of the 10mm cartridge designed for the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Identical to P7 9mm pistols in operation, the strengthened P7M10 delivers ballistics approaching that of a .45 ACP pistol. Available in nickel or blued finishes, the M10 safely carries eleven rounds, 10 rounds in the magazine plus one round in the chamber.

Information courtesy of Heckler and Koch