SR9 Technical Specifications
Caliber 7.62x51mm (.308)
Ammunition Feed Staggered magazines;
5- or 20-round capacity
Operating System Delayed roller-locked bolt
Sight Radius 22.52 inches (572mm)
Weight 10.9 pounds (4.95 kg)
(with empty magazine)
Barrel length 19.7 inches (500.4mm)
Overall length 42.5 inches (1,079.5mm)
Width 2.28 inches (57.91mm)
Height 8.26 inches (209.8mm)
The actions by the US Government banning the importation of many advanced semi-automatic rifles has prevented rifles like the HK91, HK93, and HK94 from being brought into the US. However, the US Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms has certified the SR9 Sporting Rifle, SR9(T) and the PSG1 Marksman's Rifle as legal for importation and civilian ownership.

The SR9 continues the tradition of the HK91 but with several important modifications that make it the ideal sporter, target rifle, and heavy-duty hunter. Polygonal rifling is standard on the SR9, the same bore profile found on the PSG1 Marksman's Rifle.

Also standard is the new MSG90 buffer system, a significant improvement over the older system found on HK imitations. This makes the SR9 rifle one of the lowest recoil semi-automatics in the world. It is equipped with a specially designed thumbhole stock constructed of kevlar-reinforced fiberglass that is both durable and ergonomic.

A target version of the SR9, the SR9(T) adds a special MSG90 adjustable buttstock, PSG1 trigger group, and a PSG1 contoured handgrip to the standard SR9 rifle configuration.

Information courtesy of Heckler and Koch