Based on the functional lines of the USP, the USP Match is designed and manufactured to achieve top class accuracy. The USP Match pistol approaches the precision found on the Mark 23 by adding a special barrel weight system, extended target barrel, adjustable trigger, and target sights to the USP .45 ACP.

USP Match pistols use the same patented recoil reduction system found on the full-frame USP and the Mark 23. When the pistol is fired, the impulse of the reaward-traveling barrel and slide are effectively buffered, eliminating the direct transmission of recoil forces to the pistol's frame and the shooter's hand.

An innovative design feature found on both the Mark 23 and the USP Match pistol is a high-temperature rubber O-ring that seals and centers the barrel in the slide until the barrel is unlocked by the slide's rearward movement. The O-ring has a significant effect on accuracy, lasts more than 20,000 rounds, and can be replaced without tools in seconds.

USP45 MATCH Technical Specifications

Caliber .45 ACP
Operating System Short recoil, modified
Browning action
Ammunition Feed Staggered magazines;
10-round capacity
Sights 3-dot
Barrel length 6.02 inches
Overall length 9.45 inches
Height 5.90 inches
Weight: with empty
2.38 pounds

Information courtesy of Heckler and Koch