SIG SSG 3000

The Swiss-made SSG 3000 from SIG is a precision-made rifle which, in the hands of a well-trained marksman, will produce consistent results of the highest order. The SSG 3000 is a bolt-action rifle firing the standard NATO 7.62mm x 51 caliber round. The bolt itself has six locking lugs to provide a positive gas seal. The weapon uses the very latest in weapon design technology and has been developed using the Sauer 200 STR target rifle as its base.

The rifle is a modular design with the trigger system and five-round capacity magazine forming a single unit which is fifted into the receiver housing, which in turn is joined to the barrel by screw clamps. The receiver housing is machined from a single block with locking between the bolt and the barrel, which minimizes the stress transference to the receiver. The stock of the SSG 3000 is made from non-warping wood laminate to produce a weapon that is low maintenance and simple to use.

The trigger has two take-up weights, which can be adjusted to assist in tailoring the weapon to individual firers. The first take-up weight of the trigger is between 13N and 15N, and the second between 13N and 17N. The safety catch is mounted above the trigger and serves to lock the trigger, bolt and firing pin when applied. The firer can release the safety catch without having to change position, which increases his response time. There is a cocking indicator pin with red and white surfaces at the end of the striker head to indicate to the firer the state of the weapon. The firing pin is light and has only a short distance to travel before striking the base of the round, thereby giving an extremely short lock time.

The heavy barrel of the SSG 3000 is manufactured from cold-swaged metal and has a combined muzzle brake and flash suppressor, which has a significant influence on the accuracy and stability of the weapon. It has a fully adjustable cheek-plate and butt-plate and a bipod, all of which can be fitted to suit the anatomy of individual firers. The SSG 3000 is also available in a left-handed version.

The weapon has no iron sights, due to the fact that it is intended to be used solely with telescopic sights. It can accept most optical sights, including night-vision equipment and NATO STANAG equipment, but the Hensoldt 1.5-6 x 42BL has been specifically designed for use with the SSG 3000. This sight unit is attached to the rifle by means of a mounting which allows for axial adjustment to suit individual users' eye relief. For training or practice purposes a .22 inch conversion kit is available for this weapon.

Caliber 7.62mm x 51 NATO
Overall length 1,180mm
Weight unloaded 5.4kg
6.2kg with Hensoldt sight fitted
Barrel length 600mm
Rifling Four grooves, right hand, one turn in 305mm
Ammunition feed 5-round box magazine
Muzzle velocity 800m to 830m per second, depending on ammunition
Muzzle energy 3,500 to 3,750 Joules, depending on ammunition

First published in Rifles and Combat Shotguns by John Norris