SIG SG 550 Sniper

SG 550 Sniper:

The appropriate weapon for difficult missions. The semi-automatic rifle SIG SG 550 Sniper has been developed in close co-operation with the special units of the police. The basic concept relies on the assault rifle SG 550. The Swiss army has decided on this weapon after very exhaustive tests. This means: precision and functional reliability have been met under the most rigorous conditions.

Superior precision

The outstanding accuracy is based on the heavy hammer-forged precision barrel as well as the low recoil, gas-operated loading system with rotating bolt. The sensitive double-pull trigger and the possibility to fire in a very short time have a favourable effect on the weapon's precision.

High combat readiness

The high combat readiness of the precision rifle SG 550 Sniper is ensured by the ambidextrous safety lever that can be operated with the shooting hand and by the large magazine capacity of 20 or 30 rounds. If necessary, a second shot can be fired very quickly as the weapon cycles automatically. The SG 550 Sniper has been designed for caliber 5.56 mm (.223) ammunition which allows to use the GP 90 cartridge of the Swiss army, an inexpensive cartridge with high performance and superior precision characteristics. Maintenance and cleaning of this rifle are extremely simple. The entire weapon is disassembled and reassembled with effortless ease and without any tools. The complete rifle, with butt folded and with scope or night vision equipment mounted, can be carried - safely and well protected - in its standard hard case.

Optimum adjusting possibilities

The excellent stability of the weapon during firing results from the inferior recoil and the incorporated bipod. These characteristics allow the marksman a rapid target acquisition and permits firing of several precise shots. Optimum handling of the weapon is further facilitated by the universally adjustable butt and the angle of inclination of the pistol grip which can also be regulated. Both components can be rapidly adapted to the individual anatomy of each shooter and to the corresponding shooting position. The scope can be adjusted alongside and at right angles to the sight base in such a way that the head leans naturally against the cheek rest and that the visibility can be properly regulated looking through the optical aiming device.

SIG SG 550 Sniper Technical Specifications
Functioning Principle Gas operated, rotating bolt
Caliber 5.56mm NATO (.223 Rem)
Overall length 1130mm
Length with
butt folded
Overall height 285mm
Barrel length 650mm
Length of
rifled bore
Weight of
7.02 kg
Weight of
magazine with
20/30 rounds
Weight of empty
20/30 round magazine
Ammunition Feed Staggered magazines; 5-, 20, or 30-round capacity
Take-up weight 800g
Trigger pull weight 1500g
Take-up length 3.5mm
Trigger take-up 4.1mm

Images and Information Courtesy of Schweizerische Industrie-Gesellschafte